GeneriShmup (Working title)

A 2D side-scrolling space shoot-em-up in the style of late 80s/early 90s commercial games (i.e. R-Type, Thunder Force Series). I intend to make all the code, graphics and audio myself, so this will probably take some time. This is my first solo game project that has actually got off the ground. The game is being developed under GNU/Linux using SDL and OpenAL, but the game will be portable to other systems. I plan to release the game under the GPL once it is playable.

Progress so far:


  • Per-pixel collision detection
  • Sprite blitting
  • Sprite animation
  • Palette swapping/effects
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Sound effect playback
  • Basic enemy attack patterns
  • Basic weapon/health/powerup mechanics

  • New base player ship animations completed (Not in screens/video)
  • Some background graphics
  • Misc. sprites (May be replaced later)

  • Nothing 🙂

Early screenshots:


Gameplay videos:

WIP – 20-08-2007 (2.4MB, MPEG4) – Video of gameplay. The game is fairly basic at this point, little in the way of variation.